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Andrew Ienna

Jordan and Mira Papas - Vendor and buyer!

To whom it may concern;
I would like share my experience with Laing and Simmons realestate Blacktown branch.
My Wife and I decided that we were to sell our house and therefore needed to choose an agent that we felt would do the best possible job in selling our house.
There were several agents in the mix from the more “well known” companies that were vying for our business. Although their arguments were compelling we found that most of them were telling us what we wanted to hear in regards our expectations on price and so forth just to get the listing.
I had Andrew Ienna from Laing and Simmons come over to have a chat about what he could do for us. From the beginning we discussed expectations both ours and his.
We were given a brief on what we could expect what we needed to do to ensure the best possible chance of a sale and what the market activity was currently like.
One of the most difficult things for anybody in these situations to do is be frank and honest as to what a place is really worth and what it will more than likely sell for.
We had constant communication and updates as you would expect from someone with their finger on the pulse which in turn made the whole process very smooth in determining a realistic goal to achieve.
We sold the house within was a reasonable turn around, I like a lot of others know if the place sold too quickly it would leave me wondering whether it was too good a deal for the buyer in which case I would know the agent wasn’t doing his best.
I was so impressed with the service that we received from Andrew and his team that I engaged Andrew in bidding for us at a very high profile auction in which we knew the pressure was on and so was the spotlight! Needless to say we trusted Andrew implicitly to buy our new home in which we were successful in doing!
I can honestly say that the experience could not have been made any better by Andrew and the team at Laing and Simmons Blacktown, we thank them very much.
Kind Regards,
Jordan and Mira.
Andrew Ienna

Colin Neal RE: The sale of 43/130 Reservoir Road Blacktown in 2012

I engaged Laing + Simmons Blacktown to manage the sale of my property at Reservoir Road Blacktown on the recommendation of a business associate. I was very happy with their performance in terms of efficiency of advertising, promotion to and negotiation with prospective buyers, communication on the progress of the sale and eventual sale.

My thanks go to Andrew, Ashleigh and the rest of the team at Laing + Simmons Blacktown and I would recommend their services to any other persons proposing to sell their property.


Col Neal
Andrew Ienna

Max Crowe - a chance meeting that remains a friendship

Max Crowe sold his property after having it with other agents previously. When he met Andrew at the local medical centre they instantly became familiar with each other. Andrew offered to help Max sell the home and it all started there.

In Max's words (via our survey which is attached) The negotiations process was well explained, the support staff were rated as excellent and he would definately recommend us to his friends and family.

Comment: Thank you for the excellent service - house sold faster than expected at an acceptable price well within the range indication Andrew made.

Andrew and Max still keep in contact and we are sure this is a relationship that will be ongoing.
Andrew Ienna

Andrew Ienna

Hi Andrew,

Would just like to thank you for selling my house.

I was most impressed with your attitude towards the tenants and the way you dealt with some of the negative situations that came from them.

What also impressed me is that you always did what you said you would.

Thank you for your service and advice and expert approach.

Would be happy to recommend you and your company.

Best regards

Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia

(Purchaser of sale property and now an investment landlord)
I have been very impressed with the level of service offered by Daniel Garica in helping me purchase my first home buy answering any questions that I have asked.
I would recommend Laing and Simmonds to my friends.

Ondrej Hybler
Laing+Simmons Blacktown Rental Team

Helen Maniscalco - Property Manager


I am one of the landlords of a residential property that has been looked after by the real estate namely Laing Simmons Black town. The team that this agent has got is awesome. The rental department looks after everything and there is no head ache.

Helen Maniscalco the property manager is a very reliable and experience in customer service. She is so efficient that you will never get a complain to make. She makes sure that the properties that she leases out she does a good rental ledger checks and you will always receive the rents on time. She also does a regular check ups on the properties to see that tenants maintain it in a clean manner always. If there is any damages done by tenants she make sure that it is fixed by tenants and you don’t have to go through tribunal or to court to solve any issues. Helen takes all issues personally has her own issues and solves it.

I had a problem with my property where tenants burnt the wall and were refusing to pay and to fix it. I was so under stress until I met Helen and she took all stress from me. I don’t know what magic she did but she got the tenant to fix the wall not just even fixing it she made them tile even the full wall which now looks great.

Since I have been dealing with Laing Simmons Blacktown I never had any problems regarding anything. The team is so active with young bloods and with efficient service that you will never have to find another real estate to manage your property ever. They look after all maintains and they always advice you good things and what is going around. I personally have changed 5 real-estates in 3 years. Since last 4 years I have not changed a real-estate because there is no reason to change once you join Laing Simmons Blacktown.

I will personally recommend anyone if you don’t want stress in your life or nightmares regarding your rental properties join Laing Simmons Blacktown and its worth paying your rental commission to a agent who deserves it for the amount of work they do for their landlords. To choose Laing Simmons Blacktown is a peace of mind.

Yours truly,
Ravin Reddy
Laing+Simmons Beyond the Expected
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